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Winter is Coming...

Whew, summer went by waayyyy too fast. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi! Winter is fast approaching, so get your fall visits/appearances in before Pipe starts to manage snow clearing operations.

Much Wow!

It seems K-9 Piper found a couple friends on Reddit who posted this and that and the internet has gone crazy! We even did an AMA!

Piper in the News

CBS Evening News! Check out the full article here!

Airport K-9 Salute

Meet K-9 Piper

Wildlife Control at Cherry Capital Airport

K-9 Piper’s function is to increase safety by responding directly to reports of wildlife and conducting regular patrols. He spends most of his time chasing birds and other wildlife away from the runways and taxiways. Border Collies are perfect for this type of work because they are natural herders.

A Proactive Approach

The Federal Aviation Administration requires the Cherry Capital Airport have a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan in place to mitigate wildlife hazards to aviation. K-9 Piper is a proactive approach to wildlife management and aviation safety.

Rare, But Effective

Though rare, dogs are one of the most effective methods of wildlife mitigation at airports. K-9 Piper is one of just a handful of Wildlife Control K-9s on staff at airports in the United States.

Patrol & Detection



Keep 'em on the run

After receiving a report of wildlife, we proceed to the target area, confirm the identity and number of bogeys and are cleared hot from the control tower. “Ops 1, Fox 3, fur missile away!” It’s like Top Gun every time.

Patrol &



During routine patrols, K-9 Piper is tasked with detecting rodents and small mammals. This helps prevent larger predators including fox and birds of prey from hunting (or circling) in the approach/departure path of aircraft.



Border (patrol) collie

K-9 Piper checks for and alerts to wildlife holes under the perimeter fence. Even more impressive? He can differentiate between new and old holes.

Perimeter Checks




K-9 Piper also serves as the airport’s Chief Morale Officer.  As such, he’s responsible for keeping employees, tenants and visitors smiling — and he’s pretty great at that.

Brian Edwards


Cherry Capital Airport

K-9 Team

Hi, my name is Brian Edwards and I’m the lesser half of the TVC K-9 Team :).  On behalf of K-9 Piper, I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming support. We’ve been at it for a couple of years now and I never in my wildest dreams would have thought this crazy idea would take us where it has. Most importantly, thank you to those that have donated and may donate in the future. I want everyone to know how much we appreciate your generosity!

Have any additional questions or comments?  Please don’t hesitate to send us a note.  Also, If you’ll be flying through the Cherry Capital Airport, let us know and we’ll do our best to come say hi! Got an event? Contact us to see if we can make an appearance.

What does K-9 Piper do?

K-9 Piper is tasked with keeping the runways and taxiways free of wildlife. Why? Simple, aircraft and wildlife don’t mix! He will respond to reported wildlife and conduct regular patrols throughout the day.

How was he trained?

Most of K-9 Piper’s training revolved around obedience and off leash control.  Chasing wildlife away comes pretty natural to this guy! The rest was on the job training at the airport to get him socialized to aircraft noise. The most important part is we’re never done training.

Do his paws get hot? Is the airport too loud?

K-9 Piper doesn’t spend too much time on pavement, but when he does, he’s been donated boots! Airports are loud, which is why K-9 Piper wears MuttMuffs when necessary. Learn more about our Equipment here.

How often is K-9 Piper on duty?

K-9 Piper works four, ten hour shifts a week on a rotating basis. Don’t worry, he’s not out running around for ten hours straight, he gets plenty of breaks!

How can I support the Airport K-9 Team?

Easy, follow us on social media, comment or send us a note. If you’d like to do more than that, just purchase some cool Airport K-9 swag in the store or make a donation. All proceeds go to help fund this volunteer team and rest assured your support is greatly appreciated!

We ❤


Years Young


Birds Chased


Miles Patrolled


Hours Worked


One of the most important pieces of equipment K-9 Piper uses. These are 100% UV protective and act as safety glasses. Helicopters kick up rocks, dust, and sand from their rotor wash and the specs keep his eyes safe. K-9 Piper wears them anytime he is outside, day or night. They are indispensable.



Just like human earmuffs, these help prevent dangerously loud sound from damaging K-9 Piper’s ears. Though not designed together, they work perfect with the RexSpecs!

Aerial Insertion Vest

Donated by Spike’s K9 Fund, this vest allows us to do a lot of things a collar or smaller harness would not allow. Primarily we use it to lift K-9 Piper into our SUV since we do not have a K-9 vehicle. The harness also provides some abrasion protection and is used for identification.

Tracking / ID Harness

This harness has been heavily modified with a custom beacon rig and is primarily used during hours of darkness, but is bright enough to be seen during the day. We couldn’t find anything bright enough that could be seen during the day made for dogs, so we installed vehicle beacons by SoundOff Signal. It’s the only one of it’s kind and it’s bright!


Donated by a Traverse City resident, these boots protect K-9 Piper’s paws from hot pavement, rocks and keeps snow/ice out of his paws in the winter.

Donated by the K9 Defender Fund, this K9 Trauma kit (Buddy Bag) rides with us wherever we go collecting dust (hopefully). The kit contains everything we may need to issue critical care should an accident happen.

Support the Airport K-9 Team

We operate as a fully volunteer-based unit with our operational budget coming solely from generous donations, with all other expenses being out-of-pocket. Insurance is our greatest cost each year — not surprisingly, it’s tough to find insurance for this type of work! If you find our unit interesting and worthwhile, K-9 Piper and I would be entirely grateful for your donation to help ease the burden of cost. All of the proceeds of the following products support our unit, or you may donate any amount by clicking the Donate Now button below.
— Brian Edwards, Dad

Donate Now

Blue Angels Patch

Made in the USA, this 4″ PVC patch commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Blue Angels. This is a special edition patch with a very limited quantity available.

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Thunderbirds Patch

Thunderbirds Patch

Made in the USA, this 4.5″ PVC patch commemorates the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. This is a special edition patch with a very limited quantity available.

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Show your appreciation for working dogs with this 3″ decal. Printed on white vinyl, this decal is weatherproof and able to withstand outdoor elements.

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Made in the USA, this 7-color, 4″ PVC patch features K-9 Piper and honors the United States Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City. After all, he is the Guardian of the Guardians!

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